Hire a Specialty Karan Judge Financial Consultant

imagesToday’s times are tough, which is why; it definitely would help your business to procure assistance from a top breed financial consultancy. In fact, most businesses on global domain have opted for hiring financial consultants to uplift their financial functionality. Financial upheavals tackled without any delay, or else they might surmount and poise bigger problems before your business. A prolific Karan Ajit Judge led financial consultant can look into all the loopholes inherent in the arena of growth assimilation and metamorphosing. As such, you foremost have to be indulging in a sound research, to enable you in hiring a financial consultant that would suit your business infrastructure.

Choose a financial consultancy that can provide you results that are permanent in nature, to be having all your intricate problems resolved with proficiency. Your preferred financial firm should enjoy sound corporate values, while operating on the foundations of trust, integrity, and innovation. Your preferred business consultant can have you deliver all the tasks to clients on time through a smooth operation of cash flows. It is essential that you select a business consultant that is delivery-oriented, and has demonstrated stupendous success in fulfilling the expectations of customers.

Choose a financial consultant that is equipped with a specialty team of financial experts for handling all the tasks of critical nature. Being an entrepreneur, you have to look at a financial firm that is by far the best in the industry. It is also, tried and tested in the world of business. Your preferred Karan Judge led financial consultant should be dedicated in, offering clients with the best of services. All requirements of procuring business loans should be through a profound financial consultant. If you require monies on emergency basis, then it is futile to depend on unknown private lending institutions or banks. With a reliable Nouam financial consultant, you can procure all the working capital that you need for investing in your business. Working capital is, needed by businesses in order to meet unexpected contingent scenarios as well as to expand the horizons of business. With a Nouam financial consultant, your business could procure a full-fledged strategy to correct all the deficiencies and construct an all-new avenue of business.

It is vital that you thrust your business on a plan that is both productive and constructive in form. It is through a recognized Karan Judge Nouam backed financial consultancy that you could procure the desired recourse to tackle all your undue stringencies. If you truly want to have your business function smoothly, then you have to be relying, on a reputed Karan Judge Nouam backed financial consultancy. In doing so, your business can be infused with the right credentials and gain better financial security.

If you are operating a mid-sized firm, it is pertinent that you tackle all the financial volatility circulating in the otherwise unpredictable global space with finesse. A Karan Judge financial firm can assist your business in analyzing myriad of possibilities for business smooth functioning. Choose a financial consultant that is credible, and which attracts positive reviews from clientele.


Knowing About Karan Judge Mumbai

The small scale or large scale businesses in the world all need some sort of monetary capital to keep themselves running successfully. Without a capital, a business cannot function smoothly at all. The commercial world does not grow without competition and this is where you need to keep in mind of getting suitable advice. This is where Karan Judge prepares a sound advice for you and helps you run the organization smoothly with taking the help of a loan. If you get expert advice on acquiring business capital in the best and smooth sailing way possible, you will be one step ahead of your competitors. So you can go about doing so in the best possible way.

The professional capital financing is annexed to the recently developed technology and mechanical science applications so that the business does not lag behind in anyway and cause the profit margin to fall. If you wish for a good working capital financing, you can opt for Nouam and be rest assured that they know which type of capital support would be needed for your kind of business. Since every business is not the same in structure, the kind of working capital system is not the same. So opting for a reliable source is always mandatory.

Karan Judge Mumbai is well renowned for their skillful foresight in business matters. Normally people approach banks and other financial institutions for business loans. But Karan Judge says that there are various other alternatives for you to choose from as well when it comes to working capital financing. The business will grow in leaps and bounds and also profit tremendously, increasing ample customer and client good will in the consumer market. Thus you can opt for these alternatives.


The loan applications should be made properly as often loan requests get turned down because of insufficient loan applications. A proper and valid reason should be stated in the loan application as to the concrete reason why the loan is needed. Of course a proper working capital is needed to set the business off to a good start. If the company does not possess a proper professional financing structure, its daily activities will be hampered negatively and also will lose client goodwill in the market. Untimely payment of debts and non clearance of financial dues will land the company in trouble. All these negative aspects can be avoided if you opt for a proper working capital financing. If you opt for a proper working capital financial arrangement, there will not be any losses incurred in the business.

Alternatives of working capital financing

There are various options of acquiring working capital financing. If you opt for bank guarantees, it decreases the possibility of losses and also a documented letter of credit and factoring works wonders. Trade credit is also a good way to get capital working financing. Thus, you can be rest assured that your business prospects will do very well and never plummet into losses.


Karan Judge Mumbai provides good business finances

Karan Judge Mumbai provides good business financesEvery business entrepreneur needs a capital to start his commercial venture on a successful note and this is where one needs valuable guidelines as to where to get proper professional economic capital. Without a financial fallback, a business cannot survive, let alone thrive. It would not be wrong to say that a financial capital remains the backbone of a business and determines its profit margin in the long run. Karan Judge proves to be a real godsend when it comes to providing guidelines for getting the proper financing for the business and this is very necessary to stay ahead of its competitors.

There are so many alternatives for acquiring working capital financing. For instance a properly documented letter of credit and factoring would do very well since its in writing. Then again, working capital loans also are good alternatives. It is not always necessary to approach banks or other economic institutions for your loan to be sanctioned. This is where Karan Judge Mumbai can provide you ample guidelines.

Also many people feel as to why is a loan required. Of course you require a loan for in case of factory businesses there are many machineries and devices to be bought which can be attributed to technology. Where will you get the cash from to purchase these gadgets if you don’t avail of loan? So this is where Nouam comes in handy to provide each individual business set up with their kind of required loan.

Suffice it to say that you need a make proper and valid loan request in your loan application, stating sufficiently as to why your loan is necessary and needed. A proper and precise loan application will never get the loan request rejected. These are some of the tips and tricks you need to keep in mind.

Other details

A good businessman should definitely seek assistance from Karan Judge Mumbai for the adroit foresight and sharp business sense. If your organization is lacking in a proper working capital then its progress is going to be hampered. The financial debts will not be cleared, employees will not be paid and the company goodwill goes down the drain. All these hassles can be much avoided if you take a little help from Karan Judge in seeking assistance before going for the financial loans.


Every business needs to be successful in the market and all have competition. If there was no competition, there would not be improvements in the business scenario. However, the fact remains that Nouam provides very good structured business loans for every individual business. Also if you do not know the ways to express loan application, get it done by a professional. A badly and vaguely documented loan application fails to impress the lenders. After taking so many guidelines, it is a sure success for your business if you follow the guidelines of Karan Judge and take proper business loans. Thus your business is sure to thrive in the long run and make a good market name.


Karan judge a support for working capital financing

Karan judge a support for working capital financingEvery business may be large or small requires a good amount of working capital and funds to run and survive in this competitive world. A proper composition of working capital is required to keep business on the stable track or on the path of success. Thus requirement of working capital financing arises and nobody can support and advice the organization better than Karan judge.

Working capital financing is required to stay connected to the latest technologies and innovations so business may not lack behind its competitors in any aspects. Working capital financing has become the major part of activities of business and it is a very crucial activity and requires attention and experts support. Nouam is a perfect way to get working capital financing as they are very well aware what capital support is needed for it.

One can rely on the expertise skills of Karan judge Mumbai. Usually people think that getting the loan from the banks or lending money from other financial institution is the only option for working capital financing but according to Karan judge there are various options available of working capital financing and best suited for the business will lead to increase in profitability and growth.

Karan judge recommends preparation of loan application adequately as one of the major reason for the decline of loan requests is inadequate loan application. A proper reason should be stated in this application which reflects the need for which loan is required.

Why working capital financing is required?

Working capital is needed for the smooth and stable working of the business and if the organizations lacks in proper working capital structure than it might affect the working of the day to day activities of the business and also the goodwill of the organization because one can think what will happen if organization is not even able to pay off its dues and debts on time. Thus the need of working capital financing arises to gather a stable position in this fast moving business era.

Also working capital financing is required to prevent any direct hit on the profitability of the business.

Working capital financing options

Types of working capital financing options according to Karan Judge are:

  • Trade Credit- it is nothing but the credit period extended by the creditors of the business.
  • Bank overdrafts and cash credits- it is the most used source of working capital financing and this facility is provided by banks
  • Working capital loans- these are just like term loans usually for short terms.
  • Guarantees by banks- this is done to reduce the risk of loss
    Letter of Credit and factoring.

Though we see a good amount of profit and cash on the papers but sometimes business finds itself unable to meet its cash needs for its various activities. And also faster business grows the worse the situation becomes. So working capital and its financing is the need of an hour in such kind of situations and Nouam is helping in the same.


Get help of Karan Judge to resolve all your Bad loans issues

Get help of Karan Judge to resolve all your Bad loans issues.An Asset Reconstruction Company is an enterprise that rebuild chattels to make them more viable. Since this a relatively new concept for India, hence finding a trusted asset reconstruction Company here is a bit risky task. Nouam financial services is one of the trusted company, if you are looking for asset reconstruction for your assets.

Why do we require Karan Judge Asset Reconstruction services?

Bad loans can be largely classified into two types —

1. One that are caused by monotonous banking maneuvers.

2. Those created by bulk of non-performing assets (NPAs), either because of government intervention, loan renunciations, complications in recuperating dues etc. NPAs can be successfully tackled in two ways —

* Let the banks, cope their own bad.
* Bring into the scene a centralized agency.

ARCs like Nouam are centralized organizations that solves bad loans issues, generated by a systematic catastrophe. These corporations buy up troubled monies from banks and other fiscal institutions. They then reconstruct them and sell them in the souks. Non-performing assets (NPAs) are allotted to these ARCs by banks at a reduced price. On the other hand ARCs lift bonds and mend dues from the debtors openly. ARCs can either be a publicly or privately retained or an amalgamation of both. They can also be either independently capitalized entities or wholly-owned businesses. Karan Judge Mumbai is a privately owned corporation.

Should we approach Karan Judge for bad loans or leave NPA reclamation to discrete banks?

Monopolization of bad loans gives banks more power and thus maintaining their clean balance sheets without having to deal with problem clients. Since firms like Karan Judge, deals with a bigger portfolio, they assort good monies with bad ones and sell them at an appealing price. Karan Judge is anytime a better option for capital-market based funding than the banks.

Why are ARCs like Nouam in the news?

ARCs are constantly becoming popular after the approval of of the Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest. It had made easier for them to sell units that they purchase from banks. Earlier, these companies had to go through a prolonged court processes before they could actually sell the assets they have taken. Karan Judge religiously follows all the guidelines framed by RBI for the ARCs, and hence can be always trusted.

A wider look on asset reconstruction services provided by Karan Judge Mumbai

1. Value Opportunities: A value opportunity exploration, explores how valuable that product is to the customer.

2. Leveraged Buyouts: A leveraged buyout (LBO) is the attainment of another corporation using a substantial quantity of loaned out money (bonds or loans).

3. Comprehensive Profit Generation: An income statement is a fiscal declarations of a corporation which declares company’s incomes and expenditures during a specific period. After the income statement, next step is to generate a profit statement. This process is referred to as Comprehensive Profit Generation.

4. NPA Reprisal

5. Asset Re-organisation: Asset Reorganization, resuscitate an economically disturbed or broke firm. It also includes the reaffirmation of possessions and obligations.


Working Capital Financing – Karan Judge Mumbai at your help!

karan judge- working capital financeWorking Capital is the heart line of every corporation or company business. In today’s world, almost all of the business houses requires finances to meet the needs of their customers and to maintain the cash flow in the market. A company is well aware of the regular ongoing cash cycle, that is A company buys machines or inventory, Produce goods, sell it, raise a bill and collect the money from the market. But it is not as simple as it sounds, because of the credit line of the market. In today’s market, the suppliers provide their dealers with unlimited time to pay back and unlimited credit limits to maintain the reputation of the company in the market. But this is not what a perfect world sounds like!

If you are having a company or a business that is traditionally financed through banks, then you already have access to the bank capital to revolve cash in the market according to your credit line and your business capital requirements. But there are many firms, companies and businesses around the globe that don’t have access to the traditional banks. In those scenarios, they need to rely on some other financing sources to run their business. Consulting a Financing consulting firm like Nouam can provide you with numerous financing solutions. And you can choose the best option for them that can work well with your business model and fits your business pocket.

These financing solutions that we are talking about can come in various faces, types and forms. It can be an asset-based line of credit, financing on your inventory or PO financing, Financing of your sale-leaseback, Loan on the terms of your working capital, Finance on Receivable accounts or otherwise it is well known as Finance factoring.

One of the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind for Working Capital finance is that your financing source should match the needs of your business. For instance, the short term needs must match with the short-term financing. You should always be smart at the time of Capital financing options as many of the financing sources holds an agreement for specified years and if your need of the finance is for a very short period of time then you must look after the short term financing sources.

For the short term financing, the best way is to focus on the current assets of your company as a part of your balance sheet. Generally, these includes the inventory you hold or receivable accounts. These type of assets can easily be liquidated into your working capital at the time of need. You need to calculate the ratio of returns and your current inventory costs. This is a source of unlimited working capital for your company.

The best option for you is to consult Karan Judge of Nouam limited that are experts in structured finance. Karan Judge in Mumbai helps their clients with their capital financing needs and opens a wide range of options that helps the clients business grow.


Karan Judge – Exploring Various Opportunities for Investment Banking

Karan Judge - Exploring Various Opportunities for Investment BankingInvestment Banking is totally different from the commercial banking system. The main clients of Investment Banking are Private and Public corporations that want to generate wealth through Investment Banking. Using this type of banking system, Corporations can generate huge wealth by the certain investment of their resources. If you are the one running your own company or any public corporation, you can also use Investment banking for various transactions that you do on daily basis.

The main functions and objectives of the Investment Banking are as follows:

  • The main Objective of the Investment Banking is to help various corporations either private or public to raise huge funds in the market in order to generate wealth.
  • Investment Banking not only helps in raising funds but also provide strategical advice to their clients in various fields of Financial Investments, Transactions, acquisitions and mergers etc.
  • Apart from the above mentioned two objectives, Investment banking also helps in various other arrays. For instance, they also offer brokerage services to the private and public investors and institutions.
  • In today’s world financial security is one of the major issues for the investors. Investment banking firms help their clients in terms of their financial security. These days almost all of the private and public corporations looks after the advice of the Investment banking firms in terms of capital security.
  • Private and public corporations also seek the advice from the Investment banking companies at the times of various mergers and acquisition deals.
  • Investment Banking firms also help the individual and corporate investors in terms of research for their investments in the market.
  • These days many of the Investment Banking firms has jumped into the private banking sector in India.
  • They also help their clients for the foreign currency exchange and other financing terms as they are expert in those fields.

How Nouam Investment Banking helps private and public corporations to raise funds in the market

There are basically two ways that are used by Nouam Investment Banking service to help their clients raise funds in the market. They can raise funds either through the private placements or capital market. When the funds are raised through the capital market, they have two options to choose among. They can either raise funds by selling company equities in the stock market in an IPO (Initial Public offering) that is known as the Secondary offering. Another option to raise funds is by offering financial advice to the clients that help them to deal with the various issues related their debts.

Overall we can say that Investment Banking has emerged to be the boon for the corporations and various companies. Karan Judge provides total investment banking solution to their clients to raise funds in the market. If you are the one looking for your investment banking solution then it is the time to contact Karan Judge in Mumbai. He will certainly help your corporation or company grow. He has helped many clients over the years and provides cutting edge solutions for all type of investments.


Seeking help for investment banking – get in touch with Karan Judge Mumbai

Seeking help for investment banking – get in touch with Karan Judge MumbaiInvestment banking is an increasing trend in the financial services. Investment banking since its arrival has attracted many customers. An investment bank is a commercial organization that succors corporations, individuals, and governments in levitating fiscal assets by countersigning the issuance of securities. Nouam, financial services, can assist you in various investment banking services like Corporate Advisory Services, Mergers & Acquisitions, Financial Re-engineering Private Equity and Merchant Banking Solutions.

The investment banking has two major lines of business

  1. Sell side: comprises dealing of securities for cash, other securities, promotion of securities etc.
  2. Buy side: encompasses the facility of guidance to organizations that buy investment services. Mutual funds, private equity funds, unit trusts, life insurance companies, and hedge funds are some of the prominent buy-side units.

An investment bank can be further riven into private and public functions. These two investment banking entities blocks the flow of the information from one entity to the other. The private functions of the bank deals with private information that could not be publicly disclosed, while the public functions, like stock investigation, deal with public data.


The history of investment banking started when Dutch East India Company, issued publicly traded stock, which were traded on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

Investment banking gradually changed its face over the years. It initially began as an initial public offerings (IPOs), brokerage, and secondary market offerings(SMOs), and mergers and acquisitions, and gradually growing into a “complete-service” range including proprietary trading, securities research, and investment management.

Different services under provided by Karan Judge

  1. Corporate Advisory Services: Corporate advisory service guides about the present and upcoming businesses scenarios of a client, with the mere target of progressing their business or company. This Investment banking service is used by almost all types of businesses. The service includes investigative the tax, legal, market, risks, and finance issues involved in starting up a new business or making some changes to the business.
  2. Mergers & Acquisitions services: Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are dealings involving the proprietorship of companies or their operating units being transferred to some other. M&A let the enterprises shrink, grow, alter or progress their economical position.
  3. When talking in legal terms, a merger is a lawful alliance of two units into one unit, whereas an acquisition refers to, when one unit takes possession of another unit’s equity, stock, interests or assets.
  4. Financial Re-engineering Private Equity: It refers to the exemplification of fiscal information to an upper level of remunerations. It is done by private equity groups, investment bankers, or any other seller that is inspired to breed a possibly greater purchase price.
  5. Angel Investing Merchant Banking Solutions: A merchant bank provides capital to businesses in the form of share proprietorship as a replacement for loans. They also offers advisory on corporate matters about their investments.
  • GDRs: A Global Depositary Receipt (GDR) is a bank certificate dispensed in more than one country for equities in an overseas company.
  • ADRs: ADR or American Depositary Receipt is referred to complete issuance and the discrete share is denoted as an ADS.


Nouam a guide for mergers and acquisitions.

Nouam a guide for mergers and acquisitionsMergers and acquisitions are the key practices in trend these days as it is known to improve the company’s performance and accelerate its growth in this fast moving world and increasing complexities of business. The consolidation of companies is called merger and acquisitions. It is usually done to create the financial synergy for lower cost of capital. But sometimes many organizations may lack in resources or guidance when it comes to complex mergers and acquisitions. This is not a decision that can be taken on the dinner table in fact it needs a proper analysis to be done and a proper discussion with the top notch and experienced persons. It is really important to have a right guide and consultant by your side, than who can be better than Nouam?

Nouam is a well renowned name when it comes to seek a brilliant advice in the fields of corporate mergers, diversifications and acquisitions. They excel in their field and provide the best advisory services.

How Nouam can guide?

Nouam is an established name in regulating effective business activities whether long term or short term, expansions, mergers and acquisitions. It is a name that can be trusted. Nouam works in the advantage of the client’s business in the following ways:

  • Provides with the industrial learning and exposure that is much needed for the business to grow.
  • Encourages market contacts thus making it simple to take the full advantage of the opportunities.
  • Discovers the suitable purchasers and organizations for the deal
  • Addresses the variety of issues that might arise in the process of acquisitions and mergers.
  • Makes the proper risk management analysis and guarantees that the whole process is conducted and finished in an effective manner.
  • The estimations related to money are made and resources from where funds for the process can be generated are discovered.

Karan judge is the specialist in the fields of mergers and acquisitions and has the profound industrial learning. Nouam being the best provides with advices related to mergers and acquisitions which helps in generating cost efficiency through economies of scale, enhancing revenue through gain in the market share and also generating tax gains.

Karan judge knows how to increase the value generation of the company and thus helps and guides to crack the deals for the same. Not only value generation but decisions regarding bringing out the business out of tough times by merging and acquisitions deals is also not a tough rock to break when an expert like Karan judge is there to guide.

Various benefits that Karan judge Mumbai helps in deriving by being a guiding force in mergers and acquisitions are:

  • Entry into the new market thus providing new flow to the business and opening more doors to success
  • The increased market share
  • Gaining the competitive advantage, goodwill, credit worthiness, fame and the required exposure in the industry.
  • Financial leveraging
  • Improving the profitability and earnings per share.
  • Availing the administrative benefits.


Karan Judge – One of the Most Reputed Names In Corporate Advisory Services

Karan Judge Mumbai - One of the Most Reputed Names In Corporate Advisory ServicesIncreasing complexity in the present business models calls for efficient management and expert solutions. A business is successful when it not only identifies opportunities but also makes the most of it. But there is a long way between identifying opportunities and converting them into profits. It is here that financial services companies with their corporate advisory experts play a crucial role. While running a business, the senior management, the board and the chief executives may seek expert help and suggestions regrading business policies, mergers and acquisitions, financial models, etc. for overall growth and better performance of the business. As the director of Nouam, one of the most reputed financial services companies of the world, Karan Judge understands the significance of corporate advisory services in the modern business world and has ensured top class services by his company for the same.

How Important is Corporate Advisory Services in The Modern Business Scenario

Without expert corporate advice it is almost impossible to keep up with such stiff competition in business. It is because of these specialized services, companies are able to grow successfully and hold on to their lead even in lean periods. A company which employs a top class financial services company for its corporate advisory services continues to grow in the positive direction. But if the financial services company you have hired does not perform up to the mark, then there are higher possibilities of your business running into trouble. So, make sure you are hiring the best.

The Services Included in Corporate Advisory Services

Now, let us take a look into some important corporate advisory services that top financial services firms like Nouam offer:

  • Assessing Financial Performance – Before any major restructuring, reorganization, disposal or merger and acquisition, it is imperative to evaluate the financial status of the company. It is also important to check the current economic status of the company for maximum tax gains and other evaluations.
  • Better Financial Controls – The financial advisers study and analyze the internal finance model of a company to thoroughly understand its current situation and future possibilities. They advise the board and the management on better finance control policies.
  • Accounting and Tax Issues – The experts at Nouam provide solutions to accounting and tax issues and also keep track of any non compliance with existing accounting and tax rules.
  • Market Research – Corporate advisory services include thorough market research and detailed study to find out about the latest changes in the financial world and also how the peer companies are performing. Changes and suggestions are advised by the financial advisers according to the findings of these studies.
  • Handling Mergers and Acquisitions – Corporate advisory teams take care of every financial and legal issue before and after mergers and acquisitions. Whether it is just advising the board, conducting the necessary research or executing the actual merger or acquisition, they can be trusted for everything.
  • Project Advise – Whether a project is economically feasible is decided after detailed analysis of the corporate advisory team.